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New site spreading its wings is for everyone interested in aircraft, aviators and adventures up in the blue, from the dawn of time to right about now. Welcome aboard.

The largest part of the site is an exhibition of classical aircraft, famous as well as not so famous. In addition to their illustrated history you can also watch them fly and hear what they sounded like...

Here are memories and stories about the people who were there, reports on aviation historical activities and much more. Have a look around!


Please send me your thoughts on Corrections and addenda, your own contributions, anything really. All feedback is appreciated!



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About copyright on

Old pictures - older than about fifty years - almost always belong to the Public Domain. Their copyrights are since long expired and they belong to us all.

Contemporary pictures often fall under the GNU Free Documentation License, GFDL, as well as all text on Wikipedia. This license requires its terms to be provided in full, and so they can be studied by following this link.

On the abbreviation pd or gfdl is included in the filename of all pictures. That way, it's easy to see what license applies to the current picture. If any other license form apply, it will be stated in the subtext of the picture.